Hello! I am Amane Mei.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website!

As an NFT creator, I have been creating artworks with the motif of my favorite cats and children.

Maybe it’s thinking about something like this! It looks like me! Come to think of it, I wanted to do something like it before!

It would be great if it is enjoyable to see and select my artworks.

When we were young, we were considered cute no matter what personality we had, but as we grow older, we tend to lose sight of our important personality.

I hope that the favorite character you have found will make you smile, be your partner, and take you to wonderful places!

Artworks are for sale at OpenSea.

Gender is not set for the characters of the artworks.

You are welcome to purchase for your own collection as well as make new connections through secondary distribution.


Roadmap and Purchase Specials

Amane Land in the Sandbox Concept!

An interesting theme park called Amane Land will be built in Sandbox! I would like to build it together with the holders. I wish to create a space that will not only be an exciting place like a festival site that visitors can enjoy, but also a place where people who for some reason cannot work in the real world (have difficulty artworking) can work and have fun together with us. 3x3 land has already been prepared, and I would like to offer special benefits for the holders.

Present voxel art and avatar as gifts!

Voxel art NFTs will be airdropped as gifts! Prior to the construction of Amane Land, the special benefits have been prepared, including the avatars that can be used in Sandbox and cluster, as well as 3d models that can decorate oncyber! Since the design is expected to change for each lot, the benefits will differ depending on the timing. Currently, the second voxel art is offered as a special benefit. One voxel art will be presented to those who purchase one NFT. Purchase as secondary distribution is also eligible. You may also release this voxel art for secondary distribution.

You're invited to join the Amane Mei Community!

A Twitter community has been created exclusively to those who have purchase my NFT artworks. The purpose of this community is for everyone who participates and myself to enjoy a relaxing time. It is like a candy store or a toy shop where you can go after school and find someone out there. I would like to hear someone's happy news or a trivial story, or talk about exploration or play. I would like to share and consult with you about various projects of Amane Land, and introduce my artworks, special benefits, and events. In addition, I would like to publish a picture book of my own memorable experiences that I have had, which I have always wanted to draw.Holders have been notified via DM. If you haven't received the message yet, I would appreciate it if you'd contact me via Twitter DM! Participation is free and not mandatory!

Original Header Present!

An original Twitter header will be presented as a gift! You will get it along with voxel art and an avatar when you purchase the artwork. There are a total of 12 designs available, including one that can replace the main character with your NFT and one that can be used as it is. If you would like to request a replacement design, please contact me via Twitter DM! Feel free to contact me anytime and as many times as you like!

NFT Showing Benefits!

We are pleased to inform you of target utility stores where you can receive special benefits when you show the artworks with your smartphone. Please take advantage of it! One store is located in NFT Lounge 3F Seiko Building 3-7-8 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo. Telephone number is 03-6452-3558. For those who show my NFT artworks, all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-eat sweets are offered at 1100 yen. The charter fee is free. Due to the consideration of owner, it is generally chartered for a minimum number of 8 people, but less than 8 people are also accepted as a special benefit. (Please enter the number of guests as 8 on Instagram to make a reservation.) The other store is Afrode Clinic (Limited time only: June 1 - December 1, 2022) B1F BASE Jingumae, 3-5-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Telephone number is 03-5843-0130 ・10% off for those who show my NFT artworks. In addition, 25% off if you show both the NFT artwork of mine and the artwork of bucketbear, who is my previous collaborator!

Purchase four artworks and get a custom-made one as a gift!

As a "Happiness Benefit" for every 4 artworks you have purchased, a custom-made artwork will be created as a gift. Please let us know your request! I will draw it with my own touch. I am looking forward to the characters inspired by your sensitivity. Please understand in advance that your requests may not be fulfilled due to ethical reasons and copyrights, etc. Even though you do not have all four pieces on hand, the artworks you sold for secondary distribution will also be counted as a purchase. You can order one custom-made artwork for purchasing every multiple of 4, such as 4, 8, 12, and so on. If I have missed any order, please send me a reminder message! Please note that any character that is not priced at the time you purchase, such as this gift or give-away, will not be counted.



Participating in a charity to realize “The Day the Cat Lives to 30"!

When you purchase my artwork from Wednesday, May 25 through Thursday, June 30, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to this charity.

Click here for details

An advertisement of my artworks had been posted at Shibuya station!

From June 23 to 29 (Sun.), my artworks will be displayed in an advertisement in Shibuya Station!

Click here for details

NFT Showing Benefits!

  • 1

    You will receive a bonus voxel art in the Hidden

    It will be delivered manually and sent to you within 1-3 days!

  • 2

    You can find Hidden in OpenSea by clicking on “profile”

    If you receive any art that you don't know, it's dangerous and you shouldn't touch it!

  • 3

    Click the “..." mark at the bottom left of the voxel art thumbnail and press “Unhide" to add it to your "Collected"!

  • 4

    Click the “unlockable content" in the voxel art NFT, a URL will be displayed where you can receive various avatars, header images, and other special benefits.

    This information is only available to the holder.

  • 5

    Please check “Read First" in the folder for various usage instructions!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me!


Thoughts on Art

About me

I have loved drawing and writing since my childhood.
I may have been influenced by my mother, who was very good at drawing..
I often bring people happiness not only with my sketches, but also with cartoons and portraits I drew..
But I could not choose a life centered on drawing. Somewhere along the way, I seemed to have lost sight of my own personality and began to live my life to meet the expectations of people around..
However, the painting has always been with me while raising my three daughters, working at a nursery school and in an office, which has brought me happy times and joyful encounters..
And now, as my daughters are growing up and finding their own dreams, I wondered what I could do for them as a mother, and I realized that the only thing I could do was to show them how to fulfill dreams and enjoy life..
The encounter with NFT has reminded me of many dreams I wanted to realize..
And now, I am on my way to fulfilling those dreams one by one..
I would be happy if I could deliver my artworks and happiness to adults who were once children and to children who will become adults in the world.